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VDC - Virtual Design & Construction


VDC4Group is part of the basic structure and activities of the Centre. To include all participants of the construction industry in the digitization process, the Centre consists of 9 professional working groups.

Through its work, the VDC4 Group promotes team spirit and finds solutions that suit all industry participants.


The plans, goals and activities of each VDC4Group are elaborated in cooperation with the group leads.

The group’s annual activities consist of regular industry assessments, the organization of training and workshops, the elaboration of guides and guidelines, and the organization of quarterly gatherings. VDC4Lead is elected by the Assembly every four years.



For better understanding of the industry, participants, challenges and trends, each VDC4 group conducts an annual survey of the market and digital literacy of the industry. Annual reports are the basis for further education development, workshops and guides.


According to the conducted research and the obtained results, each VDC4 group creates its plan and program of actions, activities, necessary education and professional training to digitize the industry.


The development of guidelines and standards and the control/revision of their application are the crown of every VDC4 group’s work. By developing standards, guidelines and guides, the groups facilitate the digitization of the construction industry.

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Monika Mlakić

predsjednica, DCT Group

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