Centre for Digital Built Croatia

The digitalisation of the construction industry


Centre for Digital Built Croatia is a starting point for the digitalisation of the construction industry.

Industry assessment

For a better understanding of the industry, participants, challenges and trends, CDBC provides an annual assessment of the market and the representation as well as development of digitization in the construction industry.

Education, training and workshops

According to the conducted assessment and obtained results, CDBC creates and implements a plan of education and workshops that are necessary for the development of digitization of the construction industry.

Guidelines and standards development

Preparing industry participants for facilitated digital transformation by regularly publishing and monitoring guidelines and industry standards.

CDI Structure

Exchange of experience, challenges and finding solutions between all construction industry participants in one place.

International Digital Construction Conference and Exhibition


The public sector, professional associations, universities, industry leaders and individuals contribute with their ideas and work to the development of the Centre and the digitization of the construction industry.

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